Wednesday, September 29, 2010

At last there’s a way to help you to cross the bridge to publication

Getting published today requires you to be an outstanding storyteller

At last there’s a way to help you break through. This creative narrative workshop is for anyone who:
  • wants to empower their writing to improve their chances of publication
  •  has a piece of writing sitting in a drawer, waiting to be progressed
  •  can’t get started with their writing 
  •  would like a taster to see if writing is for them
  •  wants help to beat writer's block
  •  wants to try a new way of writing or needs to energise their writing
  •  needs a bridge over troubled writing.
Workshop topics:
  • How to create real characters that your readers will care about. What to focus on and why. How they give themselves away. Moving beyond the superficial or the stereotypical to create compelling characters.  
  • How to make scenes just the right length so that your story is a page turner. Handling scene and story structure and making the right transitions between scenes. Balancing descriptive narrative and dialogue in a scene. 
  •  How to ensure your readers keep reading - description and language, character, scene and story structure.  This includes show/don’t tell, handling information and exposition.
Tutor: James George, who has been teaching creative writing for 10 years and has published three novels, two of them shortlisted for major awards.

This workshop is offered by The Story Bridge team:
  • James George is a professional writer and creative writing teacher and mentor, based in Auckland. He loves teaching and helping people to get into the world of creative narrative and storytelling.
  •  Jocelyn Watkin is a full-time writer, blogger, promoter, freelance journalist and lecturer and she loves helping people to find the best way to create, publish and promote their stories. She has self-published and marketed two of her own books and three collections of new writers.
Note: This workshop took place on 6 November. It will be repeated in 2011.  To receive an 'early-bird' opportunity to book for this workshop and preferential seating, sign up to our free newsletter. Send us an email with "Newsletter please" in the subject line.

Instead of a road to nowhere, take the bridge to a new world of creativity. The Story Bridge team offers a supported pathway to new heights for storytelling and publishing.

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  1. This sounds like a great way to make your writing eventful and exciting