Thursday, November 18, 2010

Summer's here...

...and it's such a great time to spend with family and friends, but don't forget to work on your writing. I usually put up the sun umbrella and move my writing space out to the deck in summer, so I can get the summer air but keep working.

One great thing about summer for writers is that with the long daylight hours you might well have enough time to corral a couple of hours a day (maybe in the early morning), to your 'other' work, and still have time for that barbie or walk in the long twilight.

So make a commitment for the time you have off your day job. Write down a goal.

- redraft that short story
- write that next chapter
- decide on a workshop to kickstart you for the new year
- pull that half-forgotten novel from the bottom drawer
- go through the exercises we're putting up here under the 'free writing tips' and rework that piece you want to do more with

And plot your pathway forward from here...

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