Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tired of Publishers Who Say No?

Finally, There is a Proven Way to Publish and Sell Your Writing

This introductory workshop on self-publishing and blogging is for anyone who:
  • has written or wants to write their own memoir / family history, a “how to” book or other non-fiction books (e.g. cook books, caring for babies, travel adventures, etc, etc)
  • is serious about selling their written work 
  • loves to keep in touch with their readers, customers and followers  

  • might also have their own business and want to write on a specialist topic related to this business
  • wants to know if it is possible to blog your way to a best seller.
Note: This workshop has been rescheduled for early 2011.  To receive an 'early-bird' opportunity to book for this workshop and preferential seating, sign up to our free newsletter. Send us an email with "Newsletter please" in the subject line.
Click here to find out more about what you'll learn in the 2011 workshop.

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