Friday, February 18, 2011

A good word on The Good Word

March 1st sees the beginning of the third series of TVNZ's books programme The Good Word. I'm not much of a television watcher myself but this is worth catching as an opportunity to hear NZ authors talk.

I did a segment a couple of years ago where Emily Perkins asked me to talk about a book that had made an impact on me. It was an interesting exercise to do. In considering how we writer and how we should approach the process of writing it's also important to think about how we read. And what we're doing when we read. Are we creating our own story as a story-within-a-story of the author's story we're reading? In my case the answer would be yes, though not in a determined sense, it's just the way my creative self works within other narratives to find relevance to resonance for me. I can't stop storytelling, basically. I'm incapable to sticking to the bare facts. So I had to become a used car salesman, a politician or a writer. Simple choice in the end. 

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