Sunday, April 10, 2011

Great result from the READ IN for the Christchurch earthquake appeal

Over 170 writers in Auckland donated their time, effort and books for the amazing “READ IN” on Friday 26 March, which was a fundraiser for the NZ Government Christchurch Earthquake appeal. 

James George, the New Zealand Society of Authors (in conjunction with Auckland Libraries) organised this event in libraries across the greater Auckland area. Through the generosity of donations on entry or via book sales donated by many writers, the event raised almost $5,000.

Katrina Biggs contacted The Story Bridge to say:

As a resident of Christchurch I would like to say a huge thank you to James George and the others for organising the READ IN to raise money for the NZ Government Christchurch Earthquake appeal. The generosity of people with their time, and either monetary or product donations, is totally awesome. 

I know I speak for everyone here when I say that without the support received from near and far, the hope and faith also needed to get through this time would be in very short supply. Although I didn't personally suffer property damage nor lose anyone close to me, my sister and her family suffered severe property, road and services damage, so I am very involved with the physical and emotional toll this earthquake has taken. 

Even those of us who got off lightly in comparison to others (including Japan), have still had our world changed in countless ways, and know that we will in for a tough time before things get better. Knowing that we're not in this alone, that so many Kiwis - and also non-Kiwis - have given and given again to help, and are continuing to do so, makes us believe and trust that 'better' will happen, driven in part purely by the sheer force of spirit behind all the goodwill.

Thank you Katrina and a big thank you to everyone and their friends, families and supporters who all helped to make the READ IN fundraiser so successful.

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