Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The growing world of blogging...

I feel a growing understanding among contemporary NZ writers for the need to develop an online presence. It’s taken a little while to develop but it is now. Our workshops at the Centre for Continuing Education are filling fast – showing this writing form and its wider implications for writers and social media is catching on among the storytelling community.
Blogging has several advantages for the writer:
  • It’s writing practice – developing succinctness, awareness of an audience and their needs and expectations, making sure to maximize effect  and impact while keeping the word count economical.
  • It’s a helpful device for becoming and remaining part of the community of writers and readers.
  • It’s visible – in a public forum, and therefore calls for writing discipline and the need to draft and re-draft.
  • It’s a way to get your name out there while you’re working on your magnum opus. I wish I’d had such a forum in the four years I spent working on my first novel.
  • It’s a way of developing e-literacy and keeping abreast of technological development.
  • It lets the writer also be a layout designer, a photo editor.
Blogging has come a long way from … this morning I mowed the lawn. It now has a role to play in writing of virtually any kind.
Find out more about our blogging and self-publishing courses at the Centre for Continuing Education (part of the University of Auckland).    Watch this space for more on the world of blogging…

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