Monday, November 21, 2011

Smart Words

In Jocelyn's interview on TV3 News regarding e-book author Ollie Hille, she reinforces a couple of the many points a Self/Indie published author needs to appreciate.

1) Begin to build your readership while you're writing your book. Don't wait until it's ready. Hone and use your developing writing skills not just to produce your final text but as tools to get your name circulated, to build your credibility.

2) Always treat your work as a professional endeavour. (e.g: in terms of editing, layout, structure, design and production.) If you want people to pay for it, then it needs to be a professionally produced package. Think of all the steps as necessary facets of the professional process - not obstacles.

We cover these issues and the many other elements of self-publishing in The Story Bridge Blogging and Self-Publishing workshops.

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