Friday, April 27, 2012

Elements of Indie Publishing

Interesting to get anecdotal evidence from many local NZ writers in the last couple of months of how they're thinking (firstly) of Indie Publishing now, with the majority probably thinking of e-publishing format - because of the quick turnaround time getting it up online and instant visibility. There's a feeling out in the writing and reading community that the times really are changing and new opportunities are appearing - and writers need to be smart in using them.

It's easy to get your thinking to leap forward into the moment you put your 'finished' book onto Amazon, or Smashwords or Lulu but remember to think of how all the elements of Indie Publishing should work in symmetry with each other.

Elements such as: 

- getting your work up to the best standard it can be in the first place
- utilizing the skills of other writers to give you feedback and advice (for an example see the clip on Writers Groups below.)
- building up your audience while you're creating
- building a list of contacts with skills in the various elements of publishing and distribution (editors, script assessors, distributors, book producers, marketers)

Jocelyn has written many articles on these issues in the Free Indie Publishing Tips page. 

So the word's getting out. Writers need to work together to increase our knowledge base on the elements of Indie Publishing. The formats we use are just that - formats/platforms - the onus will be on the writer working to connect with the reader, beyond the specific format they use (e-books/print-on-demand p-books.)

The Story Bridge will be putting a lot of focus this year on all these factors relating to establishing and increasing your profile as an Indie Publisher.

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