Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Book Blogs...

I did an interview this week with Karen Tay, for her book blog page  Reading  is Bliss, on the website. She asked me about the growing phenomenon of book blogs and if (and how) they are changing readers' perceptions of book reviews and literary criticism. It's an interesting subject and perhaps hints at conflicts around who (if anyone) should hold sway in giving opinion on published works, and how a reader judges value.



I had coffee with an old colleague a few weeks ago, in which he (intelligent, street-smart, well-read, politically lefty, opinionated journo) said he liked my blog. His assessment of it was that it was aimed at bored housewives with Master's degrees in lit, looking for an outlet for their repressed creativity.
I would argue that the comments section alone - and yes, I do read every single comment, I figure it's the least I can do for my readers - suggests otherwise. There are men, women, housewives, librarians, students, engineers, writers and architects who read my blog. In other words, a typical cross-section of society.

Read the rest of Karen's article here

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