Sunday, July 7, 2013

Don't die with a book inside of you

Jocelyn Watkin: thumbs up for indie publishing
Jocelyn recently wrote about indie publishing for the New Zealand Author, the official magazine for the NZ Society of Authors. Her article was in response to the claims made by the traditional publishing lobby that "you're not a proper writer unless you've been published by a proper publisher".

While the pro-traditional lobbyists talk about what 'best' publishers do for writers (or should do) these publishers are decreasing in number. Many have amalgamated and are required to serve the best interests of their overseas owners instead. 

As such, many writers, particularly New Zealand writers, will never be offered a publishing contract no matter how good their writing is. So, what are they supposed to do? Wait and somehow hope a chance will come their way? Die with an unpublished book?

If you don't want to die with a book still inside of you, or you want to know more about indie publishing, then click on this link to read Jocelyn's article.

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