Thursday, May 15, 2014

Beginners Guide to Indie Publishing

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Are you tired of publishers that say no? Discover how easy it is to indie (self) publish, whether in print or as an e-book.                 
It only takes a few minutes to upload your book to Amazon or you can pay someone to do that for a few dollars. So, this course is NOT how to do that.  This course is about what you need to do next as an indie publisher to successfully sell your books:
•       What is 'indie publishing' and why it is good for writers?
•       Pitfalls and perils of indie publishing and how to avoid them
•       E-books vs print books
•       Understanding the costs and how to make a profit
•       How to get an ISBN
•       Tips and ideas on how to market and promote your book
•       How to do the paperwork – bank accounts, business cards, the IRD
Tutor: Jocelyn Watkin: writer, blogger, indie publisher (print and e-books), freelance journalist, sales and marketing specialist. She has tertiary qualifications in journalism, teaching and management, including a Masters of Business Administration (MBA).
Date/Time: Saturday 21st June, 9.30am - 4.00pm  with a one hour lunchbreak.      
Want to learn more and to build on this course? An advanced course is available on Friday 18 July:
Cost: $147. Attend and pay for this as well as the advanced Indie Publishing course and pay only $248 for both (saving $46)


"Jocelyn is professional and informative. Attends to all students."  "I learnt a lot and it was fun and interesting.  I learnt actually a lot more than expected. The tutor was excellent and because it was a small class, everyone was able to join in".  "Highly informative, brilliant tutor"  Tutor: Jocelyn Watkin  Course: How to Blog and Sell Your Books Online.  

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