About Jocelyn

Jocelyn Watkin

I am a full-time writer, blogger, indie publisher, freelance journalist and lecturer and I love helping people to find the best way to create, publish and promote themselves. I have indie published and marketed my own books (print and e-books) and three collections of new writers from the First Chapters – Ngā Wāhanga Tuatahi programme. 

I became a professional writer when my photographer husband and I drove around the world in a classic Land Rover in 1998/99 and we worked as a photojournalism team for a British Land Rover magazine.  I have tertiary qualifications in journalism, teaching and management, including a Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

Jocelyn's books:

In 2010 Jocelyn was commissioned to write a short history of Manukau City Council. The time frame for this project was tight. 

She says, "I had to research and write the first draft of 25,000 words in 2 months. Writing, rewriting and editing the final version, along with the selecting the many photos, took another 2 months.

The 45-year story of Manukau City Council was fascinating to research. The council had to respond to huge and rapid growth - in its first 20 years it grew to a size that would have taken other cities well over 100 years to achieve. It became New Zealand's 3rd largest city in just 5 years."

Included in the book is a timeline of Manukau City's development, memories and brief biographies from past and present Chief Executive Officers, Mayors and City Councillors. Prominent buildings and parks also feature along with some of the unique relationships and services the council developed for and with the community.

“From Paddocks to People” was launched in October 2010 and all 2000 copies went like hot cakes. The book can be borrowed from Auckland Libraries

Other books:
Jocelyn has co-written and published two books on how to be footloose, fancy-free and how to pay for it.

Keeping the Faith - Travel the World, Published 2007.

This is a fascinating collection of tales about everyday New Zealanders who overcome their money problems and “take off” on their travel dreams.  This is not a ‘finger wagging’ book that nags about what people should do with their lives and money, nor is it a ‘get rich quick’ scheme.  This book de-mystifies money so you too can make it go further.  If you want more out of life, or are frustrated by money, or just want to pay for your next holiday without financial stress, then this book is for you.

Keeping the Faith - Travel the World was awarded a 5-star rating by online book store Good Returns, along with the warning. "This book changes lives!"

Faith Talks Money Speaks
Published in 2009
Are you frantically juggling bills and wondering how to pay for everything?

In this book you'll discover how to:
  • Stop money pouring out of your life
  • Smash the spending habit so you have more money for what you really want
  • Handle the big money decisions with ease
  • Buy property with confidence and without going broke
  • Get a better life with the 7-week money challenge
  • Decide what is important to you.

Other books/projects: Jocelyn is also the programme manager for First Chapters – Ngā Wāhanga Tuatahi, a free coaching programme for beginning writers, based in South Auckland's libraries. It is the only programme of its kind in New Zealand and has been running every second year for four years. As part of her role, Jocelyn manages the publishing process for the book from each programme.  In 2010 the book was called Translucence - Life writing from Manukau and Papakura and was edited by the 2010 author/coach Dr Deborah Shepard.

Translucence - Life Writing from Manukau and Papakura was published by the Manukau Counties Writers Group in 2010. 

The stories in this powerful collection are personal odysseys, many about overcoming tremendous odds. All of the writers had to take a journey back into their earlier years, sometimes far into mists of time, to shed light on events that shaped them or their families and whanau.